The Downfall of a Federal Corps Commander: Warren-Sheridan and the Five Forks Controversy: Part Two

Emerging Civil War

Part Two in a Series.

Major General Gouverneur K. Warren; Meade's 5th Corps Commander Major General Gouverneur K. Warren; Meade’s 5th Corps Commander

It was actually an amazing feat that Gouverneur K. Warren still retained a corps command at the start of 1865. His wartime record was solid, but far from stellar. As I mentioned earlier, Warren was an odd duck. His wartime photographs show a confident and somewhat dashing officer. Upon closer examination, the pictures of the time reveal a beady eyed man, dripping with a combination of confidence, and arrogance. There is no doubt that Warren was cocksure of his abilities. Warren had a brilliant mind for mathematics, cartography, and tactics. These traits allowed him to excel in the classroom and on a number of battlefields. Though there were underlying problems. Like many book-smart people, Warren at times lacked both tact and social graces. He also carried himself as if he was always right, no matter what…

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